Edmonton Medical Alarms from LifeCall

The LifeCall medical alert system allows Edmonton seniors the opportunity to get the help they need with the simple push of a button. Equipped with a built-in two way communicator, our wireless medical alert devices provide seniors with a better quality of life as well as the ability to live independently.

Caregivers in assisted living or senior residential facilities, and those working in a retirement community will find that this Edmonton medical device can help cut down on the emergency response time and help seniors get the emergency help they need in a more timely fashion.

LifeCall Medical Alert System for Edmonton Seniors

The Edmonton medical alarm system can provide a valuable asset that can give a senior an added advantage in any emergency situation. Time is a critical factor when a person falls and, because these situations cannot be predicted, Edmonton medical alert devices can be crucial to getting the person the help they need fast.

This Edmonton medical alert system allows emergency services to be dispatched quickly 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, by the simple push of a button. This medical device can be worn at all times, even in the bath or shower. It is able to be worn as a medical alert necklace, on a belt clip, or as a medical alert bracelet. The LifeCall medical alarm is an easy to use alternative that can provide Edmonton seniors with the help they need without having to struggle to get to a phone.

Because the LifeCall medical alarm system is simple to use and can be worn at all times, it can provide the emergency protection that no other service or product can. These Edmonton medical devices can provide the protection and peace of mind for the user and their loved ones.

How LifeCall Works

Once the personal help button has been pushed, the user will be directly connected to a professionally trained operator from LifeCall's monitoring centre via the built-in two way communicator. Upon assessing the situation by communicating with the senior, the operator will then be able to dispatch the appropriate emergency services for the situation at hand.

For more information about these Edmonton emergency medical alert devices contact LifeCall today.

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