Elderly Medical Alert Systems from LifeCall

Whether you are a senior yourself or have an elderly parent living on their own that you are concerned about, get the best protection with an elderly medical alert alarm from LifeCall. If you are a healthy senior, there is no reason to go to a retirement home if you purchase a LifeCall medical alert system. If anything happens, simply press the button and help is on the way.

Elderly Medical Alert Systems Are Easy to Use & Wear

LifeCall is one of the premier providers of personal emergency response systems. The elderly alert medic alert bracelet or pendant is designed to be worn around the home so that it is always accessible in the event of any medical emergency. Just press the button, and help is on the way. Safe, independent living is now available with just a touch of a button.

Range throughout the home

The button on the elderly alert alarm is connected to a central device that transmits an automatic distress call to the authorities if the button is pressed. LifeCall customer service representatives will help you ensure that the system is installed so that it is accessible from all of the areas in your home.

Medical alarms for senior communities

LifeCall has systems designed especially for senior communities so that LifeCall will be there if a member of your staff isn't. Installation is simple, and the peace of mind that it gives your residents and their families is immeasurable.

Around the clock technical support

If you ever have a question about your LifeCall alert system, you can call our staffed customer care centre at any time of the day or night for help. If they can't help, local installers and technicians will be there for you.

Vacations and summer homes

If you are travelling, you can use our customer vacation notification form or contact our friendly customer service representatives to ensure that your elderly alert system isn't activated by mistake while you are not at home.

If you are planning on moving to a temporary vacation home or cottage for the summer, contact LifeCall and you can move your system with you for as long as you are there.

No ongoing obligation

You will only pay upfront for three months of monitoring. If you are not satisfied after that, you can cancel with thirty days notice when you ship back the equipment. No annual contracts are needed. We only require a monitoring agreement to be signed that incurs no financial obligations, and just allows us to legally monitor your home as the service requires.

Find out more

Call or email LifeCall for a free, no-obligation quote on your own personal elderly alert system.