Emergency Medical Alert System

The emergency medical alert system from LifeCall makes it possible for seniors to live on their own with a personal emergency response system. If something happens to you, all you have to do is press a wearable button and an operator will talk to you through your LifeCall wearable emergency response system. Appropriate help will be dispatched, and most importantly, you can live independently and worry-free.

It isn't just the standard two-way voice communication that you enjoy with a traditional home security system; LifeCall adds the security of a wearable, waterproof button that an elderly user can press anywhere in the home for immediate access to assistance.

Around the clock professional service

If you end up having to use the emergency medical alert bracelet or pendant, you can rest easy knowing that a professional operator will be on the line soon and will dispatch the appropriate emergency services. If you are having problems with your LifeCall system, or simply have a question, you can contact our support staff any time of the day or night for help.

You can even take your emergency medical alert system with you anywhere in Canada to your vacation home, cottage, or chalet just by contacting our helpful staff or by filling out the online move notification form.

Expert emergency medical alert system

As a division of ADT, one of the top names in commercial and residential security systems in Canada, you know you are dealing with top experts when you install a LifeCall system. Our expertise in security systems translates to an elderly emergency response product that is without parallel in LifeCall. We've been installing LifeCall medical alert services for seniors just like you since 1989.

Medication alerts

LifeCall lets you add eight medication alerts to your system, which means that you'll never forget to take your medication again when you need to take it. Your LifeCall button will notify you when you need to take your medication, a simple reminder that you can't miss.

Emergency medical alert bracelet or pendant

The LifeCall button can be strapped to your wrist like a watch or hung around your neck like a pendant, whatever is easier for you. It's comfortable and waterproof, which means you can wear it in the pool, the shower, the hot tub, or the bath.

To find out how you can get your LifeCall emergency alert device, contact our friendly support representatives today. The cost is affordable and there are no annual contracts.