Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection

Knowing LifeCall is there for you even if you can’t push the button yourself is very comforting. LifeCall’s Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection is a waterproof, easy-to-use medical alert with fall detection device that lets you call for help at any time. Simply press the help button to generate a two-way voice alarm call when you need help. LifeCall’s Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection also provides an added layer of protection by automatically generating a call for assistance if a fall is detected and you are unable to push the help button.

Life… without worry!

When you're not able to push a button for help after a fall, LifeCall's Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection automatically does it for you.


  • Waterproof auto alert device: can be immersed in water to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes
  • Flashing LED to indicate the fall alarm was triggered
  • Beeping feature also indicates an alarm was sent
  • Cancel button to turn off the alarm, thus avoiding false alarms
  • Time delay to enable the user to get up without sending an alert
  • Includes user-programmable sensitivity adjustment
  • Replaceable battery

How it works:

Step 1:
Fall occurs
Step 2:
Detects fall & sends
signal automatically
Step 3:
Signal received by
monitoring centre
Step 4:
Help is dispatched

The Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection is easy to use, as it sends an automatic signal to the monitoring centre upon detecting a fall.

Three customized way to wear your fall detection device

As a pendant around the neck An adjustable neck cord is provided; it should be adjusted to ensure the Pendant is worn at the same height as your sternum and at least 1 metre (3 feet) from floor level.
As a broach with a clothing clip The Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection includes a clothing clip to clip it to the top of a shirt pocket or to shirt/blouse openings. It must be worn at chest height and at least 1 metre (3 feet) from the floor when using the clothing clip.
As a belt clip The belt clip is designed to fit a wide variety of belts. The Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection must be worn at waist height and at least 80 centimetres (2 feet 8 inches) from the floor.

A simple fall can have devastating consequences for seniors, physically challenged and chronically ill Canadians. If you fall, you can become disoriented, immobilized, or knocked unconscious and unable to call for help. We respond to the need for access to help in the event of a fall with our Intelligent Pendant with fall detection from LifeCall.

How to use the fall detector effectively

Here are some helpful tips:

Tip #1

The fall detector does not automatically go off when you fall. First, your pendant will beep for 30 seconds, giving you an opportunity to cancel the fall alarm if the situation is not a true alarm. To cancel, simply press the small grey button on the pendant. Please note that the green button on the main device will not work until the 30-second buffer period has elapsed.

Tip #2

If you fail to cancel the fall alarm during the initial 30-second period, please use the green button on the main device to do so. If you are too far away, simply talk to the operator. Be assured that if you can hear him, he can hear you.

Tip #3

Please be aware that the fall pendant is sensitive and can be triggered by the following:

  • Sitting down
  • Lying down
  • Bobbing your head up and down
  • Putting the pendant down (for example, on a countertop)
  • Bending over

Tip #4

If you are in trouble, press the white button on the pendant. You cannot cancel this call with the grey button – only the green button on the main device can cancel it.

Tip #5

When you take off the fall detector, please listen for the 30-second beeping signal to ensure that you have not accidentally triggered an alarm.