Hamilton Medical Alarms from LifeCall

LifeCall is a service that helps to ensure seniors can enjoy living independently in their homes with safety and peace of mind. LifeCall's Hamilton medical alarm and alert systems put emergency contact at a senior’s fingertips should they require it. A quick push of the personal help button will have a LifeCall professional contacting the wearer through the two-way communicator. LifeCall strives to offer the most comprehensive package of protection to ensure a senior’s independent living for years to come.

LifeCall Medical Alert System for Hamilton Seniors

LifeCall's Hamilton medical alarms provide a product and service that allows a senior to have an instant connection with assistance if an emergency should arise. It is not always possible to get to a phone after a fall or if an intruder were to find their way into the home.

Professional Help at Your Fingertips

The personal help button has been manufactured to withstand a variety of environments. It is completely waterproof so it can be worn in the shower where a slip is likely to occur. The inset button helps to cut back on the number of accidental activations and the medical alert device is lightweight so it is not cumbersome on the wearer.

A touch of the button on your medical alert bracelet or medical alert necklace will put out an immediate call to LifeCall’s 24/7 monitoring centre manned by professionals. The two-way voice communicator unit allows the operator to listen in, speak to the client, and assess the nature of the issue they are having. LifeCall’s operator then makes the appropriate calls to personal contacts or the emergency response services that are required for the situation.

Features to Maintain an Independent Lifestyle

There are different Hamilton medical alarm systems to choose from. LifeCall is doing everything it can to help promote and provide an active lifestyle to its customers while making a caregiver's duties more efficient. The LifeCall unit features up to eight alerts that can be set to help remind an individual of their medication needs. The personal help button features a five year battery life and the system will send a signal to the monitoring centre when the battery is getting low. This allows LifeCall to know when to contact the client and ensure that their protection remains consistent. The system is fully portable, so it can be taken with a person when they are going on extended vacations, and is supported anywhere in Canada.

LifeCall: The Right Call for Independent Living

LifeCall wants to provide the seniors of Hamilton a medical alert system that they can trust and rely on. LifeCall’s services allow a caregiver to rest assured that their client has the protection and assistance they need 24/7. If you are a senior or have a loved one who could find peace of mind and protection with LifeCall's medical alarm systems, contact LifeCall today for more information on medical alert devices in Hamilton!