Do you need a Medical Alarm?

Having trouble deciding if a medical alarm service is right for you or someone you care about? Read through the following eight questions and answer "YES" or "NO".

Yes No
1. Has this person ever been hospitalized, experienced a fall or required emergency medical assistance?
2. Does this person use a wheelchair, cane or other device to assist with movement on a daily basis?
3. Does this person take medication on a daily basis?
4. Does this person wish to remain in their home and live independently?
5. Does caring for this person cause you stress and worry, wondering whether they will be okay if you're not around?
6. Does this person have a chronic medical condition that could require an increasing amount of care?
7. Does this person require assistance with regular daily routine activities like cooking, cleaning, bathing or eating?
8. Does the person has any other medical condition (ex: epilepsy, diabetic)