Medical Alert System Installation

The LifeCall Medical Response System is an easy, self-install medical alert system that plugs into your phone just like having an answering machine! We simply ship you the unit, and you follow the steps below to install and activate. Should further assistance be required, simply give us a call
1 800 661-5433.Your LifeCall medical alert system is installed in 3 easy steps.

Step A Plug the telephone cord into the jack on the medical alert unit labeled LINE and the first/main telephone wall jack.

Step B Plug the telephone into the jack on the unit labelled image of telephone. Plug all required telephones/equipment into this jack using a multi-socket extension if required (not supplied). See page 5 (LifeCall 5000, LifeCall 7000) in the Installation and User Guide for more details.

Step C Plug the AC power adaptor into the jack on the unit labeled AC, and then connect it to the power receptacle.

Step D Adjust speaker volume if required (see page 8 in the Installation and User Guide for more details).

Step E Stand the aerial upright.

How to ACTIVATE your medical alert system:

  1. Call 1-800-661-5433 and press 3. Inform the representative that you are a new customer and want to activate your medical alert system. They will ask you a few questions about your account.
  2. The representative will then instruct you to test the system by pressing your personal help button.
  3. The operator will greet you through the medical alert system (this may take a moment). Inform the operator that you are testing your system.

LifeCall's medical alert user guides and instructions are available online and are also included with the LifeCall Medical Alert System that is shipped directly to your home. LifeCall has a network of installers available if an in-home installation is required. Ask one of our representatives for more information at the time of ordering.