Medical Alert Button from LifeCall

You've probably heard of medical alert buttons that allow you to request medical assistance through a speakerphone simply by pressing a button that you wear. LifeCall has been selling these medical alert buttons for seniors for over twenty years in Canada.

The LifeCall medical alert system works very simply. Just plug in the central LifeCall unit in a high-traffic area of the house and wear the LifeCall button unit either around your neck or on your wrist. The LifeCall medical alert button is comfortable and waterproof, so you can wear it in the Jacuzzi, shower, or pool.

Experience is important

Choosing a personal emergency response system company can be difficult. There are many players in the field and experience is important. LifeCall is a division of ADT Canada,  who are known for their commercial and residential security systems. We have the capital and the expertise to ensure fast response times and professional service.

Our expertise with medical alert buttons in Canada extends back to 1989 with the LifeCall system.

Certification and training is important

When you use your medical alert button to call into our LifeCall emergency response centre, we know that the operators answering that call need to be expertly trained in order to go live on our phones. At LifeCall, you aren't dealing with underqualified call centre employees when you press your LifeCall button. You are dealing with people who have trained for a minimum of six weeks before even taking a call in a Canadian emergency response centre.

All of our operators are also certified with the Security Industry Association (SIA), a trade association which holds member companies to the highest standards in the quality of their call response centres and other areas. Annual re-certification with SIA is compulsory for our Emergency Response Operators.

Our emergency response centres are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you, as medical emergencies can happen at any time of the day or night.

Medical alert buttons work with expert backup

Because of all of our behind-the-scenes infrastructure and expertise, all you have to do is push a button in the event that anything happens to you. Your LifeCall medical alert button will then dial our Emergency Response Centre on speakerphone and you can communicate with the operator through the device rather than trying to make it to your telephone.

Contact LifeCall today to find out more about how we can help you set up and install your LifeCall medical alert button system.