Medical Alert Devices from LifeCall

LifeCall provides the best medical alert devices in Canada. We've been in the business of providing personal medical alert devices for the elderly since 1989. LifeCall lets seniors contact an emergency response centre at the touch of a wearable, waterproof button and talk to an Emergency Response Operator through a speakerphone contained in the button unit. The operator dispatches emergency services and contacts anyone else our client wants them to. All for less than you would think this service costs. Learn more about billing options for your medical alert device.

Installing your medical alert device

Setting up and installing your medical alert device from LifeCall is easy. Place the LifeCall personal medical alert device unit in a central part of the home near a phone jack and an electrical outlet and plug it in. Then remove your phone jack from the wall and plug in the phone cord from the LifeCall device. Plug your regular phone jack into the LifeCall device.

If you do not have a phone on the phone jack where you are installing your LifeCall device, all you need to do is plug it into the wall and plug it into the phone jack. The LifeCall device should not be exposed to humidity or high heat.

Contact customer service to activate your personal medical alert device

Once you are done setting up the unit, contact our customer service centre to activate it over the phone. We then test it with you through your wearable LifeCall medical alert button to make sure it is working, and your setup is complete. These instructions are also included with your LifeCall system when it is shipped, as well as online in our user manuals section.

You may also choose to have a LifeCall technician install the device if you are uncomfortable with installing it yourself. Make sure that you mention this when you order your device.

Your LifeCall wearable button unit has a five year battery life, and your central LifeCall system will operate for up to 24 hours on battery backup in the event of a power outage.

Manufactured by a trusted name

All LifeCall medical alert systems are manufactured by General Electric (GE) Security. GE has been a trusted household name for years, and have a reputation in the security industry for manufacturing reliable devices.

Ordering your medical alert device

You can choose to either purchase or lease your LifeCall medical alert device for seniors, or to rent it. If you purchase it, you will have lower ongoing monthly costs than if you choose to rent. Either cost is low and doesn't amount to much more than a cup of coffee a day.

Installation fees only apply if you require an in-home installation by a technician.

You can order your LifeCall medical alert device online, or you can contact us by phone to order or ask questions.