Medical Alert Necklace

A medical alert necklace from LifeCall can be worn around your neck anywhere. In the shower, in the bath, working out, or doing anything around the house. When you push the button on your medical alert necklace, you will instantly be communicating with a LifeCall Emergency Response Operator, who will contact the help you need and ensure that your family and friends are also informed.

Medical alert necklace battery life

The LifeCall medical alert necklace has a battery life of approximately five years, and it is monitored for low battery life by our monitoring centre. You will be contacted by LifeCall when your medical alert necklace is running low. The central unit will last for up to twenty-four hours on battery backup if a power outage occurs.

You can always take it with you

If you are moving or going on vacation, you can take your LifeCall medical alert necklace anywhere in Canada. Take it to the cottage, take it to a relative's house, anywhere you think you may need LifeCall. Just make sure to contact LifeCall with your vacation plans so that we know what address to transfer the system to should you require any emergency response.

If you move, you can take the LifeCall system with you. Simply unplug it from the wall and phone jack and reinstall it at your new residence. Make sure to notify us of your move so that we always have the correct address for you on file. Find out more about moves and vacations.

Comfortable and easy to wear

The LifeCall medical alert necklace is light and comfortable. If you would prefer not to wear it as a necklace, it is available as a bracelet as well.

Reminds you to take medication

The LifeCall medical alert necklace for seniors can be programmed with up to eight medication reminders per day. Never miss your medication again!

Waterproof for ease of use

Most falls occur in the home on stairs and in the bath. Your LifeCall alert necklace is manufactured by GE Security to be completely waterproof and functional even after being submerged in water. The LifeCall bracelet is similarly waterproof, not just water-resistant. If you see yourself doing a lot of swimming, you may want to choose the LifeCall bracelet so you don't risk losing your LifeCall necklace.

Complete support if there is a problem

If your LifeCall system should fail for any reason at all, we will contact you with monitoring calls until the mechanical problem is fixed and your LifeCall medical alert necklace is back to normal again.

Contact us today to find out how LifeCall can get you set up with a medical alert necklace for seniors.