Medical Alert Pendant

We all want to live independently. Whether that means not moving into a retirement home or getting by without an assistant, we like to do things ourselves. LifeCall medical alert pendants put the power to live on your own into your hands with the touch of a button.

LifeCall has been the premier Canadian supplier of medical alert pendants since 1989. Our system is simple to install, and even easier to use.

How your LifeCall medical alert pendant works

The LifeCall system consists of two units. There is a central unit which should be installed near a phone jack and an electrical outlet in an area of the home which is commonly used. There is also the LifeCall medical alert pendant or bracelet, which contains a button. If you fall or suffer a medical emergency of any kind, push the button and the unit will function as a speakerphone.

Our Emergency Response Operators will contact the required medical professionals and your friends and family, as you require. A friend, neighbour and family list can be set up in advance with LifeCall so you don't have to worry about who needs to be called at the time of any medical emergency.

Purchasing your personal medical alert pendant

Purchasing the LifeCall system is simple. You can either choose to rent or purchase the LifeCall equipment, and both options are affordable even to seniors living on a fixed income.

There are no additional charges unless you choose to have the system installed by a technician, in which case an installation fee applies. The medical alert system setup is easy enough that most people can manage it on their own.

What if the pendant button is accidentally pressed?

There are no consequences to an accidental pressing of the LifeCall button. The operator will come on, you just let them know that you've accidentally pressed the button, and everything will be fine. There will be no charges to your account. In addition, the LifeCall pendant and wristband are constructed so that an accidental depression of the button is unlikely to occur.

Who makes the LifeCall medical alert pendant?

The LifeCall medical alert pendant manufacturer is GE Security, who have an impeccable reputation in the business for making the finest security products.

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