Medical Alert Systems by LifeCall

LifeCall is the best choice for medical alert systems in Canada. With LifeCall, help is always only the push of a button away. If you fall or have a medical emergency like chest pains, just press the button on your wearable medical alert bracelet or necklace, and help will be with you right away.

Medical alert systems for seniors, the chronically ill or disabled

Your home security system protects your home from theft and vandalism, and a medical alert system protects your health. If you have a chronic condition, are prone to slips and falls, or just want the security of knowing that help is just the push of a button away, LifeCall personal emergency systems are for you.

What do you get with your medical alert system?

All LifeCall systems ship with a 2-way voice communicator unit, an AC power cord, a phone cord, and a personal help button. The personal help button may be worn around your neck, on a belt, or as a bracelet. The personal help button is completely waterproof. All LifeCall equipment is manufactured by GE security, a big name in protection equipment manufacturing and one you can trust for reliable service. LifeCall provides all support for the equipment, so you don't have to worry about contacting different companies.

The range of the medical alert system

It is recommended that you install the 2-way voice communicator unit in an area where you usually are located in the home, such as the living or family room. These areas are usually central to the rest of the house. Your personal help button unit can be used within 150-200 feet of the 2-way voice communicator unit.

What else does the medical alert system do?

You can use either the central unit or the wearable button unit as a speakerphone - you don't have to be near the central unit in order to speak to an Emergency Response Operator. Just press the button on your wearable unit and you'll be able to speak into the device and hear the operator's response.

You can also program LifeCall with up to eight medication reminders a day so that you will never forget your medication at a crucial time again.

Can I use more than one button with the unit?

Yes you can. You can rent or purchase as many additional button units as you like, so that your spouse can enjoy the benefits of LifeCall as well.

Call us today to learn more about the LifeCall system and get a no-obligation quote. If you are ready to install a medical alert system in your home, order LifeCall online now.