LifeCall Customer Vacation Notification

Please let us know when you are going on vacation. If you are traveling within Canada to a cottage or elsewhere, you can move your system there temporarily. Otherwise, we’ll update your account to advise Customer Service.

Customer First Name:*
Customer Last Name:*
Email address:
Phone number where system is installed:*
Additional phone number:
Please update my customer profile to show that I will be away on holidays during the following dates:

If you would like the LifeCall System to go with you on vacation, please put details here:

If you are leaving the country or your home for an extended period of time, please remove your Personal Help Button and leave it within the house, near your LifeCall System.

Yes, I'd like to receive periodic e-mail regarding safety and security issues around the home and helpful tips on how I can get the most out of my LifeCall System.

Please allow 48 business hours for completion of the request. If necessary, a follow-up call may be required for confirmation or clarification of the request by LifeCall Customer Service. If you require immediate assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-800-661-5433.