How CARP Benefits Canadian Seniors

10/21/2014 by Martin Lamothe
CARP stands for the Canadian Association of Retired Persons. But the organization prefers not to use its full name, as it provides services of interest to those planning for retirement, people with aging parents and more. Its vision statement is to help cultivate ďa society in which everyone can live active, independent, purposeful lives as they age.”

It is a non-partisan organization that advocates for the rights of seniors, builds community and delivers benefits to its members through its marketplace, such as discounts on items like shows, rental cars and hotels.


CARP advocates in three major areas: financial security, health security and human rights. Financial security involves ensuring that seniors are free from excessive tax burdens, are not subject to predatory practices such as fraud, as well as many other items. Health security is all about access to proper health care, caregiving and rights for caregivers. CARP’s human rights advocacy centres around protection from elder abuse, ageism in the media and the right to keep living independently as we age.

CARP’s CARPool program focuses on protecting the rights of elderly drivers, advocating against things like elder driver snitch lines and other actions which target seniors who drive.

One of their current campaigns targets targets pension reform to ensure that Canadians are adequately saving for retirement. CARP is calling for changes to the Canada Pension Plan that to ensure that Canadians have financial security in retirement.

CARP E-Voice makes it easy for you to contact government ministers responsible for health and finance, with an up-to-date list of email addresses and names at both provincial and federal levels.


CARP’s community initiatives are delivered through a network of CARP chapters in Canada. You can access individual regional chapters through the following pages:

CARP Central
CARP Atlantic
CARP Western

Each chapter organizes its own events that occur on a regular basis including movie screenings, talks and more. Current events for all chapters are listed on CARP’s events page.


CARP gives its members access to benefits on a wide range of services including train travel, rental cars, hotels, insurance, events and more. While supporting its advocacy efforts is a good enough reason to join, the benefits will at the very least pay the membership fee, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Joining CARP

You can join CARP for only $14.95 per year right now. The regular membership fee is $19.95 per year. Membership gives you access to all chapter services as well as member news updates and benefits.

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