Preventing False Alarms With LifeCall

08/25/2014 by Martin Lamothe
LifeCall personal medical alert systems are designed to quickly notify emergency personnel if anything ever happens to you. But we do it in a way that prevents false alarms while still getting the speediest response possible.

Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection

The LifeCall Intelligent Pendant will automatically detect a fall and notify our emergency response centre. We build in a 20 second delay so you can push the button to notify us of a false alarm. Once our monitoring centre has received the alert from the pendant, we contact you through the 2-way communicator unit installed in your home. If we can’t reach you, we will automatically dispatch emergency personnel and contact anyone on your custom notification list.

Highly Trained and Certified Operators

All of these steps are designed to give the speediest and most appropriate response for the situation. The most important element in the system are our emergency response operators, who are responding to you from Canadian facilities. There will never be a problem with communication with our operators, as they are trained in both English and French and your language preferences are noted when you sign up with LifeCall for the fastest response.

Our operators have to go through rigorous training on how to handle our client’s calls before they are allowed to answer any calls, and each of our operators is re-certified annually. They are trained to courteously and speedily respond to any situation.

Customers Can Give Us a Specialized Contact List

If you want family, a friend, or a neighbour notified before emergency personnel, we will do that for you. Our default is to dispatch emergency personnel first when the situation requires it, so if you don’t give us custom contact requirements, that is what we will do. In some cases, the operator’s discretion may override your contact requirements – for instance, if there is a fire and your custom notification says to notify a family member first, we will contact the fire department and then notify a family member. Your safety always comes first.

Learn more about the LifeCall senior medical emergency alert system works, and contact us at 1-800-661-5433 to find out how you can get LifeCall installed for your own peace of mind and so you can continue to live independently.

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