Personal alert systems from LifeCall

LifeCall personal alert devices have been protecting Canadian seniors for over twenty years. LifeCall personal medical alert devices allow seniors, the chronically ill and those with disabilities to call for help using a wearable button that functions as a speakerphone in the event of an emergency. LifeCall helps to significantly decrease response times if something happens, which can be enough to save a life.

What happens when the button is pressed?

The LifeCall personal medical alert device will announce that it is sending an alert to our response centre. A specially certified Emergency Response Operator will then get on the line and talk you through the emergency while contacting medical personnel and anyone on your contact list. You can set up a contact list in advance with LifeCall to ensure that everyone who needs to be contacted has been notified.

The Emergency Response Operator will know which services to dispatch based on the situation and will contact them immediately for you.

If you accidentally press the button, there is no extra charge to your account. If you are near the central LifeCall personal medical alert unit, you can hit the "reset" button, or just let the operator know that you have pressed the button in error. The devices are engineered so that it is difficult to accidentally press the button.

What is the warranty like on the personal alert device?

We will repair or replace any defective equipment immediately, and set up a system of phone calls to your home so we can check up on you if the equipment has any downtime due to mechanical failure.

Is it difficult to install?

You receive two components of the system when you order LifeCall. There is the central 2-way communicator unit, which should be installed in a high traffic area of the home with a phone jack and an AC power cord. There is also the wearable button unit which may be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clipped onto a belt.

To install the central unit, plug it into the wall and into the phone jack. If you have a phone on the jack where you are installing your LifeCall system, plug your phone into the LifeCall system. Call customer service to activate your LifeCall medical alert device, and they will test the wearable unit with you to make sure it works. View installation instructions.

Contact us today to find out just how affordable LifeCall is and how easy it is to use, or order online now.