Senior Alarm Systems

Do you have a loved one who is a senior or disabled? Give them the gift of a senior medical alarm system to help them live independently and with dignity. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day, they can enjoy the freedom of a senior alarm monitoring system.

What is a senior alarm system?

Senior alarm monitoring from LifeCall is a personal medical alarm system which allows the client to push a wearable button that contacts a central monitoring station. The button doubles as a speakerphone, and the Emergency Response Operator can immediately dispatch medical personnel and notify any contacts that need to know what is happening with the client.

LifeCall has the best senior alarm system in Canada, and has been saving the lives of Canadian seniors since 1989.

How does it work?

Two components ship with the system; the central unit which is plugged into a power outlet and a phone jack, and the wearable button unit that can be worn as a medical alert bracelet or necklace. The button unit communicates with the central unit, which sends a signal to the central station through the phone line. A live operator will then get on the line with the senior and get them help.

LifeCall allows you to program up to eight medication reminders per day, ensuring that you don't mix medications and that you take them at the right time.

Who runs the company?

LifeCall does not outsource our emergency response centres. Our parent company, ADT, is Canadian and our emergency response centres are located across Canada. When you get an Emergency Response Operator on the line, you are getting a highly trained individual that can understand your needs quickly and dispatch the appropriate personnel as needed.

Why do I need a senior alarm?

If you have a chronic condition of any kind that may render you unable to easily make it to the phone, or you have forgotten your medication, you may require LifeCall. If you have any mobility issues at all, are disabled or chronically ill, LifeCall is highly recommended in the case of a fall or emergency situation. For just over a dollar a day, you can live independently in your own home. Take our quiz today to determine if you or a loved one could benefit from a senior medical alarm system.

LifeCall senior alarm systems for senior communities

If you are an administrator or work in a senior assisted living community, contact LifeCall for our customizable LifeCall services that are tailored specially for retirement homes.

Order your LifeCall senior medical alarm monitoring system online today, or call us to order if you prefer.