Senior alert systems by LifeCall

A medical senior alert system can mean the difference between life and death. At LifeCall, we've been selling senior alert services since 1989. With the technology of ADT and GE Security systems in place to support us and our clients, we provide the best service in the senior alert services field.

How does the senior alert button work?

Your wearable button unit can be worn as a wristband or bracelet, worn on a belt, worn as a pendant, or mounted on a wall. If you need help, just press the button and a LifeCall operator will be on with you in seconds. If you don't have your button unit and are close to the central communication unit, you can press the button on there as well for assistance.

Once you are in touch with the operator, they will send out whatever assistance is necessary, and notify your contacts. You can set up your contact list in advance with LifeCall to minimize the time spent on extra measures like this in an emergency. Find out more about how LifeCall medical alert devices work.

Check-in feature

Any friend, relative, or caregiver can call in and use the LifeCall senior alert system as a speakerphone to speak with you, provided that you have installed it according to factory defaults. Just call once, then hang up. Call back 10 to 40 seconds later, enter your master access code, and press "2" to talk through the panel.

Medication alerts

The system lets you program up to eight medication reminders a day so that you are always taking your pills on time. You can easily add and remove medication reminders according to the instructions in your senior alert system manual.

How durable is the senior alert button?

GE Security has manufactured the LifeCall senior alert button unit to be extremely durable and waterproof. You can wear it in the bathroom, shower, bath, or hot tub without any possibility of a malfunction.

How secure is my information?

LifeCall protects your medical information with multiple encryptions and other data protection measures. Nobody will know your information but your LifeCall operator and emergency services that they have to notify.

How affordable is LifeCall?

You can choose to either rent or purchase your LifeCall equipment. Either option leaves you with an affordable monthly plan that is perfect for seniors on a fixed budget. It costs a lot less than you think. Our goal is always to price our services within the reach of seniors who need LifeCall.

Contact LifeCall today with any questions you have or order your LifeCall system online now.