What Are Senior Panic Buttons?

Senior panic buttons, or medical alert devices, are small appliances appliances that give seniors the ability to live independently and securely. In the instance of a fall or emergency you simply push the panic button (pendant) and you will be instantly connected to a LifeCall emergency response operator who will assess your situation and dispatch help on your behalf.

How Do Panic Buttons Work?

As soon as you push your panic button a signal will be sent to the LifeCall monitoring centre and the device will announce that it is connecting you with the centre. Moments later, the monitoring centre will receive the signal that help is required and a trained emergency response operator will begin speaking with you through the two-way communicator unit located on the panic device. The operator will quickly assess your situation and then dispatch the appropriate help you require which may include contacting a friend or family member or, in some instances, the paramedics or police.

Since LifeCall panic buttons are small and lightweight they can be worn on the body for easy access when you need to use them. The panic buttons can be worn on your wrist, worn as a pendant or on a belt clip. These medical alert devices are also waterproof, so they can be worn in the shower or bath tub where dangerous falls are likely to occur.

Additionally, the panic buttons contain batteries that last up to 5 years and the panic buttons are monitored by the monitoring centre for low battery life. The LifeCall system and panic buttons are also portable, so you can take the system with you when you go to the cabin or to an alternate address in Canada (landline phone connection required).

Setting up your LifeCall system is as easy as 1,2,3!”

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