Toronto Medical Alarms from LifeCall

LifeCall - Support for Toronto Seniors 

Many Toronto seniors and those with disabilities want to remain independent and reside alone. Perhaps one of the greatest fears that older people who live on their own have is that they will become ill, fall, or have some other type of accident while at home. Many of these seniors also have family members that worry about the same thing. With the LifeCall medical alert system, these anxieties can be put to rest. The senior medical system has been designed to provide Toronto seniors with 24-hour access to help at the press of a button. The system is equipped with a two-way voice communicator that enables the user to speak to a trained operator who can dispatch family members or medical professionals in an emergency. In addition, LifeCall provides a waterproof wireless personal help button that can be worn as a medical alert bracelet, pendant, or even on a belt clip. A person simply has to press the button to be connected to help immediately.

LifeCall Medical Alert System for Toronto Seniors

Although Toronto is home to over 2.5 million people, it is still possible to feel removed from those around you. If you, or someone you know in Toronto, is concerned about having a medical emergency and being physically unable to get to the phone to call for help, the LifeCall medical alert system will become their vital link to help. For example, if you fall in the shower, a very common place for accidents to occur, all you need to do is press the button on your waterproof LifeCall medical alert device and you will be immediately connected to a trained emergency response operator who will assess the situation and dispatch assistance as appropriate. With LifeCall's flexible customization ability, you can choose who will be called first when an emergency arises.

LifeCall also contains some additional features that would benefit seniors in Toronto. 

  1. You will be alerted when the battery in either your personal alert device or two-way communicator needs to be changed.
  2. You can program your system to provide you with daily medication reminders.
  3. Finally, LifeCall senior medical alert devices can act as a speaker phone. If you receive a call, just press your help button and speak through your two-way communicator.

Having LifeCall at your side or the side of your loved one means that day or night help is just a press of a button away. LifeCall will connect seniors living in Toronto who need help with operators in our ULC-listed monitoring centre who can send the required medical emergency help in Toronto immediately. You or your elderly loved one can live an independent life, without the fear of being stranded should you require help. The answer is only a call or a click away.

For more information, please contact us today. Peace of mind is truly the best gift you can give to yourself, or someone you care about. Ready to get started? Order online now - easy, secure ordering available 24 hours a day.