Victoria Medical Alarms from LifeCall

LifeCall is a battery operated 24 hour a day personal alert system. With the push of a button emergency assistance is available to respond night and day. The system allows individuals to have independence but means help is never too far away. LifeCall was established in 1989, and since then has helped provide a higher quality of life for Victoria residents who may be chronically ill, physically impaired or retired.

LifeCall Medical Alert System for Victoria Seniors

LifeCall Victoria's medical alert systems are comprised of a wireless device providing 2-way voice transmission. Individuals do not have to wait and wonder whether a transmission was received because specially trained operators at the call center speak with clients in a two-way conversation.

Our Victoria medical devices are lightweight, portable and available in either a bracelet or a pendant design. As accidents often occur in the bathroom, the device is designed to be waterproof and can be worn safely during a bath or shower. Seniors have the opportunity to move about the home freely or enjoy the outdoors.

Clients have the option of determining who is on the call list and when these persons are to be notified. When an individual presses their medical alarm button, the system informs the person that a call has been placed to the monitoring centre. A centre operator speaks directly with the Victoria medical alert client to assess what assistance is needed. The operator then dispatches the appropriate services to the location. Each client's medical history and information appears on a screen in front of the operator, so emergency medical responders have vital information.

Features of the Victoria LifeCall Medical Devices

A five-year life expectancy on the wireless system's batteries ensures uninterrupted service for an extended period of time. When the battery begins to falter, the monitoring centre is notified so replacements can be installed quickly.

  • The help button on the alert device is recessed which decreases the likelihood of an accidental call.
  • A speakerphone function allows clients to answer the phone through the medical device or through the communication unit.
  • The medical alert systems allow clients to program up to 8 medication reminders into the device.

The monitoring centres are operated and owned by LifeCall to provide quality service. Emergency monitoring staff are friendly, trained professionals providing prompt response times for each medical alert customer. Customers can easily install the medical devices, but trained installers are also available throughout the Victoria area.

Thanks to our medical alarm services, Victoria Seniors and others can continue to enjoy a quality independent lifestyle while loved ones rest assured that emergency assistance is always within reach.

For more information concerning LifeCall Medical Alarms in Victoria, please contact us, or order online now to get started.